Friday, September 11, 2015

My Summer

This summer for the first time I missed two weeks of of school, because of vacation. A lot of people I told them this they were like, "AWESOME!" In my opinion it was really stressful, and painful, because I still had to do all of the work we had to do in school while I was gone. It sucked, because would rather look at the Eiffel Tower than a page of homework. Same as when I was in Norway, I was stuck inside while my dad and brother were outside watching the Norther Lights. Well, the main experience of going to all these places was awesome. Another question everybody has been asking me was, " How was Paris." To be honest it was slightly disappointing, because it was really hot, maybe 98 F., but the Eiffel Tower looked a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. Thanks for reading, send out another blog talking about the rest of my trip. 


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just Say Know

Imagine this, you're walking down a street that you love and think the neighborhood the street runs through is really nice, but today there are a ton of people out smoking. You may not know that you breathe in the same chemicals that the breaths in that gives them cancer. Two years later after walking down that street, you go to the doctor for your monthly check up, she tells you, that you have Lung Cancer that is caused by smoking. That is why smoking in public should be illegal because smoking is bad for the environment, also the cost (not just $ cost) of producing cigarettes is too much, and finally smoking in public is bad for the health of the smoker and the people around them.
First of all smoking is bad for the environment. In the world about 4.3 trillion cigarette butts a year are not disposed properly, those cigarettes end up on the ground, then dogs, cats, birds, and squirrels eat the butts of the cigarettes, then they die, or become very ill. What makes this even worse, is that rain washes the butts into local streams. The butts let off chemicals that impact water quality and can be deadly to marine life, and the butts themselves also can be eaten by the marine life, and will either kill them or make them very sick. Also, cigarette butts have been found in the stomachs of young birds, sea turtles and other marine creatures ("Tobacco and the Environment." Oxygen.).
The smoke from the cigarettes contain 43 known cancer causing chemicals. Next, some chemicals you may know of are, carbon monoxide, arsenic, nicotine, tar, formaldehyde, ammonia, and DDT. The smoke releases toxins that are also horrible to the environment. Besides that, cigarettes are mostly made of plastic which takes a lot longer to decompose compared to paper. Plastic to be exact takes about 450 years to decompose (Harris, William. HowStuffWorks). Imagine that, that means that a cigarette that you drop into your backyard or out in the street will fully be gone after three and a half generations pass.

Second, the cost of making cigarettes is too much. In Australia they pay $31.5 billion in U.S dollars. Also, in Australia they recorded that in March of 2014 that on average that year consumers spent 3.405 billion in U.S dollars. Remember that is the lowest cost they have ever recorded in Australia (The Department of Health, Australia). Next, in San Francisco on average per year the Government spends 10 million in U.S dollars a year on cleaning up cigarettes and tobacco waste ("Cigarettes and the Environment." - American Legacy Foundation.)
Also, in Australia 12 million 355 thousand acres of forest are destroyed each year to provide space to dry tobacco ("Tobacco and the Environment." Oxygen.). I just can’t believe that someone would spend billions of dollars, wildlife, and ruin the air that everyone in the world breathes just to make a product that kills people, and endangers children and other non-smokers.  
Third, smoking is bad for the health of the smoker and the people around them. The smoke that gets released from the cigarette (as I said before) contains 43 known cancer causing chemicals and total there are 4,000 chemicals total in a single cigarette (What's In a Cigarette, 599 Ingredients in a Cigarette." ). Also, the carbon monoxide that is found in cigarette smoke is also found in CAR exhaust. So basically you are breathing in car exhaust. The cigarette smoke also contains arsenic, arsenic is used a lot in Rat Poisons, Cockroach killer, and is also found in Weed Killer (my dad). Is it just me or is it ridiculous that to make money people will make things like, for example a cigarette, and cigarettes kills people, and they do that just to make money.
Some more fun facts are that cigarettes contain formaldehyde. A few of the other things formaldehyde is also found in is the exhaust from power plants, and (again) car exhaust. That is just crazy how when you smoke, you are breathing in the same chemicals that are found in car exhaust, and power plants, I repeat POWER PLANTS. Power plants are the things that use uranium (radioactive element) to create power a.k.a electricity. That may sound not that bad, but these things called power plants are the things that have nuclear meltdowns and kill hundreds of thousands of people per meltdown.
Smoking causes a risk of stroke by developing a brain aneurysm. A brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall. An aneurysm causes your risk of stroke by %50 ("How Smoking Affects Your Body." Smoke Free). Don’t worry after five years of having quit smoking your risk will be the same as a non-smoker. Smoking also causes, diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. Some of the heart consequences of smoking are that smoking increases your chance of having a heart attack times two, and smoking also damages your blood cells so you don’t get as much oxygen.
If smoking gets banned from the public that means that a lot of people will start to drink more and instead of going to bars will buy Alcohol from the store. That will cause there to be more car crashes and more drunks in the street. Well, they have a good point, but they won’t have time to drink that much. The reason is, is that you can’t just quit like right away. To stop smoking it takes a lot of work and willpower to stop. Those people will start to try new things, and a few people will make bad decisions like that, but there will even more people who will try to chew gum or try other tactics to stop.
Finally, as I have shown you that smoking is bad for the environment, I have shown you that 4.3 billion cigarettes are thrown onto the ground. Next, I have shown you that it costs 31.5 billion U.S dollars for the Australian Government to make cigarettes. Finally, I showed you that cigarette smoke has some of the same chemicals that car’s exhaust have. So basically it would be a lot easier to “Just Say No.”    

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Learn a Lot

On a sweaty and painful Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from my grandma, to give her an interview. On the previous Monday I gave her a call so I could schedule a time for me to give her an interview, we compromised and decided that she'd call me at half past five on the upcoming Wednesday. As the phone rang, I rushed to get a pencil, paper, and my questions. “Click,” I got it.

   “Hi Grandma,” I said. She responded with, “I thought you were going to FaceTime me.” I was out of breath so all I could say was, “Sorry, (huff) forgot.” As most grandmas do she forgave me pretty quick. To describe my grandma she tries to be strict, nevertheless she is super cool 24/7. She has frizzy gray hair, hazel eyes (middle of picture) that are always full of energy, smile wrinkles and her hair smells like the Jasmine shampoo she wears. She also wears this silver necklace that has a symbol on it. Finally, she has this aura of joy that almost always makes me want to smile. 
The interview started right after I picked up the phone. My first question was, “When you were a kid did you have a favorite toy?” She told me, “The bike that I had was too big for me, and in order to ride it I always had to stand up to pedal.” She told me that the bike she had was a cruiser bike. If you don’t know what a cruiser bike is, it is a bike that has thick wheels and a lot of the time they only have a few gears. I asked her if she gave her bike a name, but she said N-O
My second question was, “What as the funniest experience you had as a child?” She then after 30 seconds of thinking she told me that her funniest memory in her second house (in McMinnville, Oregon) they had one bathroom in their house. So my grandma and her Mom were fooling around and my GG has a hard time with her bladder, and she ended to go to the bathroom, however my grandma ran in and used a rolled up magazine as a sword to fend off my Grandma from going to the bathroom. My GG ended up laughing so hard the she peed herself.
Sadly I ended this segment on an unhappy note. I asked her a follow up question, and said, “As a child what was the saddest thing that ever happened you?” She then paused for a minute in deep thought, and finally said, “What I thought was the saddest thing that ever happened was, when I was in eighth grade. She said that she really hated it when people made fun of other people, and the thing was, was that she was really short in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade, and people made fun of her all the time. What I think is really sad is that once she grew she became really tall compared to other people, but she was really skinny and people made fun of her even more. (Sniff Sniff).
Moving forward into her life I asked her, “What was the scariest moment as parent, and what did it feel like?” She immediately answered saying that when my uncle was in Middle school and my Mom was in High School, they would get hurt in a soccer game and their coach would call her and tell her that they got hurt, but what she hated the most was that she couldn't do anything about it.
I asked her after that, “What her most cherished memory is? I also wanted to know why it was her favorite memory” After a minute of thought she told me that that it was on a warm and sunny day right after a storm, she went on a bike ride and she was coming back to her house when she got a call. “I remember it perfectly, I was riding up a hill, there were birds singing, and crickets chirping and my phone rang, and I answered.” She told me that she got the news that I was born and she was a Grandma.
To sadly end this on an unhappy note, my final question was, “When you were a kid do you remember a historic event that happened when you were in school? What was it? Who told you?” She told me, “Yes, I do, it was when Kennedy was shot.” She described the scene, it was a normal day, and she was taking a test in her math class. Then another teacher came in sobbing and walked over to her teacher and told them the news, her teacher started to cry and ran out of the class room while everyone in my grandma’s classroom sat there shocked.
While interviewing my grandma I learned that, her favorite toy was a cruiser bike that was too big for her. I also learned that her funniest memory was when her mom peed herself. Next, I learned that she was bullied constantly through 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade. Besides that, I learned that when her kids got hurt when she was not there she got scared. Second to last, I learned that her most cherished memory was when I was born. Finally, I learned that she was in school when Kennedy was killed.